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Business Succession & Exit Planning

Succession planning helps to ensure that a smooth transition can occur when you’re ready to retire or sell your business. Yet all too often, succession planning is not addressed until late in the business lifecycle, creating the potential for missed opportunities and challenges that could be avoided by planning early.

Walk-Away Cash Analysis

Do you know how much you will need to walk away from your business and be financially independent for the rest of your life?

Most business owners don’t – and for good reason. Valuing your business at any stage of the business lifecycle is complex and requires a team of dedicated and experienced resources working together, including your financial advisor, attorney, accountant and more.

At Fisher & Wiens Wealth Management, we specialize in helping business owners optimize the value of their business through comprehensive business and succession planning strategies.

  • We bring the knowledge and experience to help you determine the value of your business now and what your business may be worth in years to come.
  • We advise you on, and help you implement both short- and long-term strategies focused on addressing your business growth and income goals.
  • We evaluate your long-term goals, including retirement, and illustrate different income scenarios to help you determine the most appropriate path for you and your business as you strive to maximize the value and income potential of your business.

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We believe succession planning should include the long-term goal of retirement, but should also focus on contingency planning to protect against unexpected events. We will evaluate your current risk management strategies and make recommendations, as necessary to focus on ensure the financial well-being of your family and your business well into the future. We develop succession planning strategies that seek to help:

  • Time your exit to maximize value
  • Retire on your schedule
  • Ensure continuity of service for your clients or customers
  • Provide for an efficient transfer of business to a successor or buyer of your choosing
  • Provide career-path opportunities to existing associates and/or elevate key employees to owners
  • Coordinate with your personal estate plan to minimize estate taxes
  • Plan for the unexpected